Sprinkler Services & Repair

Landscape by Today, Inc. is a landscaping company offering a full range of professional assistance to commercial and residential property owners across Maryland. We take full responsibility in our work quality, and we never resort to finger-pointing for issues that may occur in our work site. Our goal is to present clients with the best solutions to all their landscaping concerns, particularly with their irrigation problems. If you want a truly reliable company that has your best interest in mind, contact us today at 301-684-1190 and we'll have all your concerns covered.

Aside from irrigation systems, we likewise remedy problems concerning turf and ornamental bed space through a proactive approach. Specifically, we identify the specific pests and diseases to come up with smart recommendations on how best to solve such concerns, usually by means of appropriate irrigation management.

Our technicians are able to speedily resolve most landscape irrigation problems by having various sprinkler system parts inside our service vehicles. We can work on all brands of irrigation products, including Rain Bird, Lawn Genie, Weathermatic, Toro Walla-Walla Sprinkler, Hunter, K-Rain, Nelson, Irritrol, and Orbit.
Sprinkler Repair
We have competitive rates for our offered irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance, upgrades, and repair services. Just take a look at the following rate schedule:

Sprinkler system winterization for just $60.00 to $160.00.*
Spring activation costs $75.00 to $150.00** (includes zone-by-zone sprinkler system inspection).
Repair work and upgrades is $75 per hour (plus sprinkler system materials costs).
Service and repair calls start at $90.00.
Wire tracker unit rental for only $50.00.
We'll charge every quarter-hour following the first hour.
We charge list price plus 20% for our sprinkler system parts.
We'll send you an itemized work invoice together with the warranty certificate once we're done with your repair job order.

* You can avail discounted pricing for winterization only if you paid and scheduled on or before December 1st. Similar work performed after said date is deemed a service call, which will cost the standard rate of $110.00.

** Spring Activation price is applicable only when paid and scheduled on or before May 1. Similar work performed after said date is deemed a service call, which will cost the standard rate of $110.00.

Please note that Winterization and Activation rates only apply to residential properties. For commercial irrigation systems, we price according to specific system type. Please call us for an exact price quote. We require immediate payment for all services rendered and completed. We offer check payment, or you can opt for credit card billing for your convenience.
Sprinkler Repair Service
Compare Our Services. When compared with other local sprinkler companies offering irrigation repair service, we stand out by employing only certified technicians who are fully capable of performing all irrigation system repairs. Our people are fully knowledgeable of diagnostic issues with their extensive and lengthy experience. We don't allow installers to handle repairs like what most companies do, so you're assured that only qualified personnel are handling your specific repair concern.

Our technicians can quickly diagnose issues such as a wire problem or broken pipe. They will also have the needed parts so they can fix the issues onsite and in a speedy manner to help you save your money on labor costs.

And while other sprinkler repair companies admittedly charge slightly lower hourly rates, you're not assured that they will detect your problem outright or have the needed parts ready. With us, you can expect to have your problems fixed onsite and in a matter of hours.

Just read at what our past customers have to say about our sprinkler system repair services:

Service & Repair. There are great reasons why Landscape by Today, Inc. is the primary choice of most Maryland property owners for their landscape maintenance needs. It's not surprising why we're getting a lot of positive reviews from our past and present clients who availed our sprinkler and irrigation maintenance services.

Call us if you need certified technicians who can work on any of these service & repair tasks:

Lawn sprinkler system repair and maintenance
Drip irrigation and drip systems repair
Garden sprinkler repair
Automatic sprinkler controller/timer repair
Repair and replacement of automatic valves
Replace/fix backflow devices
Locate and fix broken pipes and buried valves
Correct low-pressure problems
Repair leaks on water features
Water features pump replacement
Outdoor lighting wiring diagnostics and tracking
Repair/replacement of outdoor lighting fixtures

We can also upgrade your existing irrigation system with more water-efficient components to help you save water and reduce your utility bill. Contact us today at 301-684-1190.

We provide services to the following cities and towns in MD:
Bowie, MD Lisbon, MD Annapolis, MD Westminster, MD Gambrills, MD Laurel, MD Dayton, MD Columbia, MD Ellicott City, MD Severn, MD
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